PrideSoc Committee 2018/2019

Sam Teale
"I'm in third year and I study Mathematical Physics! Ask me about my sewing"

Roo Dunbar
"I'm a third year English Language & Literature student who loves plants and being outside. Find me at weekly meetings if you want a trekking buddy!"

Anna Asher
"I'm a third year undergraduate Linguistics student! I love reading - check out the Lighthouse bookshop for some great queer and/or radical lit! - and you'll see me most Sundays at the PrideSoc Fiction Group.. #promo"

Ex Officios
Hannah Glover

LGBT & Community Engagement
Natasha Ion


Women's Officer
Daisy Gardner-Hall
"3rd year, religious studies student, fave gay thing to do in the city is for sure petting all the good dogs at the regent [bar]"

Disability and Mental Health Officer
(The EGM to elect our new officer for this position will be happening soon! See our Facebook page for more details.)

BME (Black and Minority Ethnicity) Officer
Moyo Amoo-Peters

Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Officer
Elliot Byrom

Asexual and Aromantic Officer
Annaliina Aavik
"I'm a third year Theoretical Physics student. If you see a long cardigan that goes down to the ankles, that's probably me. If it's not, let me know where they got it from so I can buy it."

Bisexual and Pansexual Officer
Remi Jokiranta

Postgraduate and Mature Students' Officer
Alexandra Torresquintero


Campaigns Officer
Oliver Morgan

Men's Officer
Levi Mitchell
I’m a second year german and history student, and my loves in life include buffy the vampire slayer and museum/gallery dates!”

Technical Support
Matilda Bruce
"I’m a second year, studying electrical and mechanical engineering and I spend way too much time in hive"

Welfare Officer
Annie Doherty
"I'm a second year and I study linguistics! I love the sea and the 2006 animation Hoodwinked"

Ordinary Member
Livvy Waite
"I'm a second year English student. Doggos = gr9"

Fresher’s Representative
Siang Jun Teo